By St George’s Hospital Charity

Last Thursday 29 November, at a star-studded event at the House of Commons, St George’s Hospital Charity and Imperium Investments launched a new partnership in support of the Children’s Appeal.

Dmitry Leus, CEO of Imperium Investments, was inspired to support St George’s Hospital Charity after meeting the teenage daughter of a friend who was undergoing cancer treatment in our children’s wards.

Dmitry wanted to improve the hospital experience of our youngest patients, and working with St George’s Hospital Charity identified that he could fund “Buzzys” for every bed in the paediatric inpatients department. Buzzys are pain distraction devices that make blood tests and injections much less scary and painful for young and nervous children.

These fantastic devices arrived a couple of months ago and have made a massive difference to the children and staff on our wards. Keith Fishpool, Paediatric Assistant Practitioner, said:

“We use the Buzzys in the children’s wards for blood tests and all types of injections. They’re an amazing tool for distraction – rather than getting nervous about the procedure we’re going to do, the kids really focus on the vibrations. The part of the brain that would have generally concentrated on the pain concentrates on the buzzing sensation instead, which really reduces anxiety and discomfort. It also means you spend less time placating children and you get through the process of doing a blood test quicker, because the Buzzy just totally distracts them and you can get on with it. I find them really useful, particularly for nervous children, it’s been great to have them on the wards and has made a real difference to our youngest patients.”

St George’s Children’s departments care for nearly 40,000 children every year from Wandsworth, Merton, south west London, Surrey and beyond. Its youngest and smallest patients are looked after by an incredible team of staff with specialist medical and surgical care provided across five children’s wards, a paediatric intensive care unit (PICU), a specialist fetal medicine unit, and a joint treatment centre for oncology with the Royal Marsden Hospital. St George’s is one of only three centres in the UK designated to look after children with HIV, emergency admissions, and outpatient services.

St George’s Hospital Charity’s Children’s Appeal aims to raise £500,000 by 2020 to support the work of our children’s, maternity and fetal medicine teams. This includes funding major redevelopments, clinical research and state-of-the-art medical equipment as well as helping patients and their families at times of extreme financial difficulty.

The work of St George’s Hospital Charity wouldn’t be possible without the support of the donors, grants, foundations and individual fundraisers who all assist us in our work. Dmitry and Imperium Investments are a brilliant example of this support. In speaking about the partnership, Dmitry said:

“I am a proud father of four wonderful children myself, so it also gives me an immense amount of pride in being able to help a charity like St George’s Hospital Charity committed to providing relief and support for children going through difficult times.”

Find out more about our Children’s Appeal here.