Supporters of St George’s Hospital Charity have come together in a drive to raise £500m by 2020 for the Children’s Appeal. The vision of St George’s Hospital Charity is to enhance the patient experience by funding those items, spaces and resources for the hospitals that would not be possible without the kindness of donors. The charity raises money and spends it to ensure donations are making an impact.

Dmitry Leus, director of Imperium Investments and a longstanding supporter of St George’s Hospital Charity, said: “I will never forget my first visit to St George’s Hospital. It made a huge impression on me. I knew I couldn’t just walk away and not do anything. I really can’t bear to see children suffer. It’s one of the hardest things in the world. But at the same time, I am so in awe at how well the children tackle whatever is thrown at them. They are really inspiring. We can make a difference in their lives. Small or even life changing. Therefore, we should do whatever we can.”

Megan, 19, a former patient at St George’s Hospital, spoke recently about the “amazing care” she received at the hospital throughout her treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Megan also pointed out that the environment and entertainment available for children and teens during difficult treatments, as well as creating a comfortable, welcoming and inviting environment for parents who spend large parts of their day with their children at the hospital, are an important part of the hospital experience. She supported the charity’s efforts to improve these parts of the patient and family experience at the hospital. Megan explained: “Even something so simple as having age appropriate books and films for teens can make a difference.”

The Children’s Appeal of St George’s Hospital aims to raise £500,000 by 2020 to provide additional medical equipment, research into pregnancy, better spaces to aid recovery, new staff to deliver specialist play therapy, access to communication aids, family support, and a range of child-friendly activities to brighten long and unfamiliar days in hospital.

St George’s Hospital, Queen Mary’s Hospital and community services in south west London play a key part in the lives of young people. Those who do come to the hospitals, or are looked after in the community, benefit from a wide array of specialist staff.

St George’s Hospital began life in the 1770’s as a ‘hospital for the poor sick’ people of London in a Regency building at Hyde Park Corner (now The Lanesborough Hotel). It was once described as London’s finest residence. The hospital was established by a group of philanthropists led by Sir Henry Hoare circa 1776 and charitable funds have supported St George’s ever since. The charity now raises £1.5m a year to improve the patient experience across all areas of St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust.

Donations to St George’s Hospital Charity can be made online at the charity’s website.