Much needed help donated at the most important time

Royal Free Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital and St George’s Hospital in London have received thousands of pounds for ventilators, critical care capacity, PPE, testing capacity in an act of solidarity by the Imperium Investments company in England.

The influx of coronavirus patients has increased five to seven times in London in the last few weeks, and chief executives are alarmed by the speed at which hospital beds are filling up in London.

The problem has been exacerbated because up to 50% staff sickness rates with suspected coronavirus or in vulnerable groups.

According to Chris Hopson, Chief Executive Officer of NHS Providers, London hospitals are facing a ‘continuous tsunami’ of coronavirus patients, and some of them are likely to be overwhelmed in a few days due to staff sickness rates rising.

“London CEOs saying they urgently want a lot more of everything – staff, ventilators, critical care capacity, PPE, testing capacity – but they recognise that their job is to do absolutely the best with what they have got and that’s what they are focused on”, he added.

UK hospitals seek donations to cope with coronavirus outbreak

Trusts and the charities of many hospitals are asking the public to lend their support to staff as quickly as possible via their funds.

Imperium Investment, a London-based company has responded to appeals to help tackle the problem.

The company has donated thousands of pounds to hospitals in England, which will provide the necessary support to protect nurses, doctors and other health care workers fighting the virus on the front line.

The company posted on its Facebook page where Dmitry Leus, CEO and Founder of the Imperium Investments, has said: “Old and young people are losing, risking and having their lives put in jeopardy because of this awful pandemic, I feel that now more than ever, it is my moral duty to help where I can.

And while I have no experience or knowledge in medicine, I am able to donate so that doctors can continue to fight for me, for my family, and for all of us. 

I sincerely hope those who see this and are in the fortunate position to be able to support and protect our frontline heroes fight Covid-19 do so in any way they can”.

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust has thanked the company by saying: “We are extremely grateful for the incredibly generous donation from Imperium Investments in support of our Covid-19 Emergency Fund.

They have responded resoundingly to our public appeal and their gift will make a tangle difference to our critical work at this time. From the provision of care packages at the end of a very long shift, to psychological support and the creation of physical respite spaces for our staff, Imperium’s donation is directly helping to meet the needs of our local NHS heroes”.

Thanks from Royal free charity to Dmitry Leus
Thanks from Royal free charity

Amerjit Chohan, CEO, St George’s Hospital Charity:  “We are particularly grateful to long-term supporters like Imperium Investments who are able to support our NHS staff and our most vulnerable patients during this time of need. Their donation, and overall commitment to the charity will help us make a difference in the coming weeks and months”. 

Ian Lush, Chief Executive of Imperial Health Charity, said: “During this extremely challenging period, we’re determined to do everything we can to support our incredible NHS staff as well as the most vulnerable patients who suddenly find themselves in real financial difficulty.

Right now we’re working closely with our NHS colleagues to get support out to staff on the front line – and despite the extraordinary pressure, it’s clear that staff are responding in the most remarkable way”.

“We’re extremely grateful to Dmitry Leus and the Imperium Company for their incredibly generous donation in support of our appeal. We know the scale of the challenge is enormous and this significant contribution will make a huge difference in enabling us to get urgent support to staff on the front line.”

Also, theyexpressed its gratitude to the company in the social network: “Thank you so much @DmitryLeusUK for supporting our urgent appeal and helping our hospitals fight #covid19UK. We are so grateful for your generosity at his crisis. #ThankyouNHS

Thanks from Imperial health charity


UK coronavirus deaths rise 27 percent in one day.

April 3: 33,718 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the UK and 2,921 people have died, the Department for Health confirmed.

April 2:  the National Health Service confirmed that 569 people had died after testing positive for the coronavirus in the previous 24 hours.

April 1: The UK has reported 29,474 coronavirus cases and 2,352 deaths linked to the virus.

March 31: 25,150 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the UK and 1,801 people have died, the Department for Health said on Tuesday, March 31.

UK deaths have risen

The deaths of the first British doctors from Covid-19 have intensified pressure on ministers to accelerate the supply of protective equipment and address growing fears among frontline staff that they risk catching and spreading coronavirus.

Doctors died from Covid-19:

April 3

Areema Nasreen, 36, mom of three, staff nurse died in the Walsall Manor Hospital, where she had worked for 16 years.

March 31

Alfa Sa’adur, a general practitioner, worked for the NHS for nearly 40 years in different hospitals across London. He died on Tuesday aged 68 after a two-week battle with the virus.

March 29

Thomas Harvey, a mental health nurse at Goodmayes Hospital in north east London, passed away on Sunday 29th March after contracting Covid-19 from a hospital patient.

March 28

Amged El-Hawrani, a 55-year-old ear nose and throat consultant at university hospitals in the north of England.

March 25

Adil El Tayar, 64, an organ transplant specialist, had been working at Hereford County Hospital in the west of England as a volunteer in the emergency department

Habib Zaidi, 75, worked in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, southeast England.

Anyone who would like to assist:

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Imperial Health Charity

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