Established in 2003, the Brixton Fencing club is now one of the premier “epee” clubs and the largest in the UK.  Dmitry Leus, Founder of The Leus Family Foundation, is thrilled to be working alongside the club in order to raise awareness of the sport and make it more accessible to local children.

A former European fencing champion himself, Dmitry believes that the sport can unite communities by bringing together those of all ages and sporting abilities. With a growing awareness of the importance of both mental and physical health, especially in the current climate, the charity is keen to encourage children to take part and to show that the sport can be both fun and rewarding.

“Fencing is a wonderful sport.  It’s disciplined but most of all it can be enjoyable and a great way of encouraging children to try their very best” says Dmitry. “I would like more kids to be involved from all walks of life.  Being myself from humble beginnings this is a message that is particularly powerful for me.”

The Leus Family Foundation will provide funding for equipment and coaching to the club as well as sponsoring individuals and young people showing promise.  Dmitry says: “I believe that there is a future European, maybe even Olympic champion in Brixton and I want to help find them”. 

“Brixton Fencing has always aimed to make the sport of fencing more accessible to local children. The equipment and support from The Leus Family Foundation will help us enormously with that aim for many years to come.” Chris Tidmarsh QC, chairman of the club’s committee.