Every Girl Deserves Dignity. Period.


Every Girl Deserves Dignity. Period.

Binti” means “young lady” in Swahili, “daughter of” in Arabic, and “request” in Punjabi.

The Leus Family Foundation is thrilled to be working with Binti International, a charity whose vision it is to create a world where all women have menstrual dignity.

The charity’s work includes facilitating access to reusable, environmentally friendly menstruation products, teaching young people and communities about menstruation across the world and dispelling the long-held negative perceptions around periods.

Dmitry Leus, founder of The Leus Family Foundation, will lend his support as Patron to Binti International after hearing about the good work they are undertaking and being inspired by their vision.  Dmitry says: “Our quest to empower young people here at The Leus Family Foundation ties in beautifully with what Binti are also working towards.  It is an honour to be Patron to such an inspiring and proactive charity which will have such a positive social impact for girls and women across the world.”

Binti, which means ‘young lady’ in Swahili, ‘daughter of’ in Arabic and ‘request’ in Punjabi currently works in India, Africa, the UK and the US.  Whilst the charity’s mission varies depending on the cultural context of the country they campaign in, access, education and de-stigmatisation are always at the core.  Campaigns for the year include menstrual dignity at work, digital lesson plans for schoolchildren in the UK and overseas educational visits.

Founder of Binti International, Manjit K Gill comments: “Having a Patron such as Dmitry and the support of his Foundation on board is hugely significant for us.  We are excited to work together to change perceptions and build a more inclusive and equal world for young girls and women so they can reach their full potential and fulfil any dreams they may have without letting menstruation get in the way!”

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We are incredibly grateful for Dmitry’s and The Leus Family Foundation’s continued support of St George’s Hospital Charity and our Children’s Appeal.
Gardens and outdoor spaces are important for the recovery of all patients, especially children, and our hope is to make the newly designed Serenity garden a fun, engaging and accessible space for children and their loved ones.

Lisa Condon,

Major Gifts Manager , St Georges Hospital Charity