Our Family Foundation

Encouraging Excellence

Our Family Foundation

Encouraging Excellence

Changing Young Lives

The Leus Family Foundation has been established to consolidate the charitable activities of our Founder Dmitry Leus.

For many years Dmitry has devoted valuable time and personal money in supporting a variety of worthy causes including health and wellbeing, cultural awareness and sport.

Throughout, the emphasis has been on developing the potential of children and young people from all backgrounds in the belief that such support leads to their individual fulfilment and therefore ultimately, to the benefit of the wider community.

The Foundation is committed to both building upon the solid charitable work already undertaken, thanks to Dmitry’s initiative and generosity, and to broadening its scope to meet the challenges of these uncertain times.


pounds donated towards Care of Police Survivors

pounds donated to improve campus facilities at ACS International Schools

pounds donated to support Mander Portman Woodward School

Our Values


We love what we do. Being passionate about the charities we help is at our very core and we have an emotional connection with the results we achieve.

Giving back

Everyone deserves kindness and help. In giving back what we’ve been blessed with, we know we’re helping towards a better world.

Young people

The focus of the charity is on young people. Everyone should be given opportunities to achieve and thrive, regardless of their background.


Our approach is to support and nurture. We are proud to be part of an initiative that supports the “whole child” specifically in terms of cancer treatment.